CAT2 connected OTINANE | Maths
What is maths ?

Scalar vector.

You define something as one, and the you do maths with that.

If i say this is 1 orange then, if I add 2 more 3 oranges.

1+2=3 so this is correct only if it can be proved.

Prove something.

In this world we only know that one is one, so here is how we can prove is using arguments to simplify an equation.

1+2=3 =>
3=3 =>
3-2=3-2 =>

that is true !

Ratios and multiples.

If something is one, two is twice the number one, and half is half of whatever.



50% can be writen as 0.5 or 1/2 ... its the same.

Posibilities probabilities and randomnes,

Probability of someting to happen is the positive outcomes vs all the outcomes.

for example in the tails game with the coin head is 1 from the 2 posibilities (head,tails)

so to get head its 1/2=0.5 or 50% ...

if i bring heads, the next time it doesnt mean that i have 100% posibility to win if i lost, in every game i have 50% to win.