Otinane - Physics is wrong

Physics is wrong - version 0.2

International System of Units

Everything in physics one way or the other is deeply linked to the S.I. The S.I. talks about the fundamental units in physics. The mass, the time and the length or if you prefer

KG, killogram unit to say how much mass there is.

m, metter: used to measure distance.

Sec, second is used to measure time.

In school and universities we all accept them without any doubt because we grew up with those units and there’s no doubt about their existence. In fact, none of them exist !

The kilogram 

It was introduced so theres a practical way to trade producs. 5Kg of potatoes cost that much. By defining the killogram we had a way to be accurate in how much potatoes are in a box. So in physics we used the killogram everywhere when we wanted to talk about how much mass there is. The only problem, is that we don’t have a clue about what mass is how its being created and why E=mc^2 … why mass gets converted to energy and energy can’t convert to mass. In Cern and other labs they are still looking about what matter it.

If we knew more about what is mass, we would probably know what is gravity and how it works. Up to day, none knows anything about mass or gravity and kg is good enough to measure potatoes !

Time and time again

From the beginning of the history of mankind, a big star was rising and setting on the earth. The sun whose movement defines the day. We used to go to sleep at night and wake up in the morning. This thing created one rhythm. And we wanted to understand that rhythm better and use it for other things. So humans invented the clocks (the first ones where solar ones working only at day, without the alarm function and no batteries where required.) With evolution humans divided the day in 24h and the hours to minutes and the minutes to seconds ! … then one day, the wanted to have the world synchronized and create the best clock in the world. The atomic clock. By making that we defined time and we measured accurate the second. 

So … the second has the origin in the sun. Then we added some equations to the second and started talking about time traveling and time machines. Perfect for holiwood, but we have no idea why and how the changes around us happen. Time is defined by the sun movement and there we dont know nothing about it.


Its the most ridiculous of the 3 SI units. A meter is defined as the length of a rod kept in museum. … So we can use it to compare lengths. Fantastic ! … I searched a little bit more and i discovered that the line and the point dont exist in the world. Ive never seen a point or a line anywhere. Its tottaly imaginary ! Then i searched in books and i found the following.

A line is the shortest distance between two points.

A point is where two lines intersect.

To me ? … they need to find something better, something real. Once the ancient Greek philosopher Plato was chilling out with the trigonometers and told them one thing. “you guys have nice interesting ideas, but all those shapes like the box and the triangle, exist only in your imagination ! Remember that.” 

Almost 2.500 years latter quantum mechanics said some strange things. Like if you search for the place of a particle it does not appear on a point or … if you send one particle on a straight line, it doesn’t really follow a straight path. I don’t think that quantum mechanics is strange, we have it wrong by using lines to understand the world.

Why all physics is wrong then ?

Well if the S.I. is so poorly defined … Almost everything in physics is based on these 3 units. For example the energy which is vital for everything is measured in Joules … 

1J=kg*(m/s)^2 … 


The S.I. is good for measuring potatos, making prescise alarm clocks and measuring how tall is the eifel tower. But they hold no meaning to whats really happening to the world. They are all anthropocentric and practical units. Physics is much deeper that that and i was surprised that none ever doubt them. Well … almost none … Once a good friend of mine told me his theory.

“man, we can summarise the S.I. in a spageti ! … look, for mass its the mass of the spageti, for length, the length of the spageti and for time, the period of oscillation of a spaghetti !” Therefore physicist, stop preaching spageti ! Lets start the story from the beginning !