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Donald Trump is the president

Trumps agenda is very scary, if he does what he says nothing will get better. He used the media and Nazi tactics to with the despaired people and get the power of USA in his hands.

Good luck to anyone dealing with him.

The damage is already done, he hasn't done anything yet, but the people already protest against him. No doubt more protest and chaos will be caltivated in the USA until they probably wake up in a millitary state. 


World banks

If you still don't understand whats happening and why you are so poor, its because the banks gave more money that they had in forms of loans, and then they end up nearly bankrupt and saved by nationalisation. All the private dept of the banks became national and since then each country own too much to the IMF. The interest rates are rediculous.

Each person in the world ows a few billions to the banks.



So the british voted to exit europe. Why did that happened ?

- The British didn't want to follow European orders

Middle east and the petrodolar.

For the last couple of year its the same story going on. All the oil of the area is being exported from the Saudis, which are protected and empowered by USA and the NATO. 

Lybia, Syria and Iran tried to sell the dolar in other curencies and that was the reason of all the wars really. If eachone sells the oil in dolars, Europe has to change euroes to dolards and then buy the oil. Each time someone is spending oil some money goes to USA, which fund all the millitary groups and destabilises the area all the time. 

The dolar benefits in the times of war and peace. Its all happening for the American interest.

Migrants, immigrants and the rest ...

Its being a chaos in the european boarders. 


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